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The Sapphire Option for your Engagement Ring

Rayna LonzanoLast updated December 10, 2023, 1:47 PM

Considering a colored gemstone for your engagement ring? You may want to explore the idea of a sapphire. Here’s why sapphires rock & why they should be your top choice for your… um… rock.

No matter what color you have your heart set on, sapphires can fill the bill because they naturally come in every color of the rainbow. Blue is the classic color we tend to associate with the word “sapphire”, but they can be yellow, pink, purple, red… you name it.

Sapphires on the mineral level are known as corundum. Corundum in red is known as a Ruby (yes, Rubies are simply red sapphires!), while blue, or any other color, is referred to as a Sapphire. While some colors are more readily available than others, they still offer a wide array of beautiful options.

Dino Lonzano Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring
Dino Lonzano three-stone engagement ring design set with oval blue sapphire and two half-moon-shaped diamonds.
Dino Lonzano Ruby Ring
A vintage-inspired ring with a bezel-set ruby and escutcheon-like halo filled with rubies and diamonds.

Another huge advantage of Sapphires in an engagement ring is that they have a hardness of 9 on the MOHS hardness scale (10 being the hardest). This means they’ll be a durable center stone that can withstand the every day wear & tear that an engagement ring will undoubtedly endure. And if, after many years of wear, some scratches or dullness appear, sapphires are hard enough to be removed from their setting & re-polished, bringing brilliance & life back to the stone.

White Sapphire and Diamond Engagement Ring
This Dino Lonzano design features an oval-shaped white sapphire framed in a diamond halo.
Anthony and Sasha - MSD couple
A White sapphire center stone on a diamond-accented band - sapphires are only second to diamonds in hardness.

Feel like you love the idea of color, but maybe not as the central stone? No problem! Sapphires can make stunning accent stones to your center diamond. As a three stone style, rich blue sapphires can frame and enhance a beautiful white center diamond. Alternatively, tiny blue or pink sapphires could be pavé set in a ‘halo’ motif or on the shank of the ring, adding a subtler hint of color to your engagement ring.

Spahhire Accented Engagement Rings

Side view of the ring

Sculptural-Inspired Diamond Engagement Ring

This captivating vintage and sculptural inspired Dino Lonzano custom engagement ring features 1.13ct Cushion Brilliant cut diamond set with enduring hand-drawn wire prongs. The center stone is F in color and has a VS2 in clarity (Click the link to view the GIA report).

The handcrafted headpiece and 18k White Gold shank embellished with filigree designs and milgrain edges. Accent stones include fourteen round brilliant diamond melee and four royal blue natural sapphires. The framework connects with the shank via “fleur-de-lis” shapes, on each side. The shank displays “leaf” motif and hand-engraving on all three sides.

As yet another option, you could implement these stunning gemstones into your wedding band:

Side view of the ring

Sapphire & Diamond Eternity Band

TA beautiful representation of your commitment, this exquisite eternity band showcases alternating eight marquise shape natural blue sapphires and eight round brilliant diamonds in a rhythmic design. Handcrafted in 18k White Gold with milgrain edges and holds precious stones in a robust bezel set.

Sapphires sound like a possibility for you? You can learn more about these stunning stones by visiting this page on GIA’s website:www.gia.edu/sapphire. So if you’re looking for another way to make that special engagement ring uniquely yours, consider a sapphire for your central stone. And bring a little color to your life every day!

Rayna Lonzano

Rayna Lonzano , has been a passionate jewelry consultant for 17 years. She has helped over 1500 couples to bring their dream bridal jewelry to reality. She has an accounting degree from the University of Maryland and an MBA from AVT Business School Denmark.