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TUE - SAT 11:30 AM - 5:30 PM (Appointments Recommended)

Jewelry Services

A full-service jeweler since 1906

MSD Jewelry Services MSD Jewelry Services

Imagine entering a modern think tank that feeds off challenges and creates personalized custom engagement rings and fine jewelry. Our think tank is your think tank. This creative process may start off as a Pinterest post you may have seen or a simple sketch on a napkin from your favorite coffee shop. Our business thrives on constructing your concepts, consulting with key questions, and listening to your wants. One on one with our trained designers, we begin our journey to develop the perfect handcrafted engagement ring or jewelry piece to symbolize something special and be passed down to your next generation.

Your first visit will be an introduction to our boutique, culture, and studio. Here we invite you to be a free-spirited youth at your favorite ice-cream shop and try all the wonderful flavors. Once we have identified a path, we begin the initial phase of creation. Upon your 2nd visit, you will visually see a 3D CAD image of your concept for approval. This lifelike concept can be easily adaptable into different finishes, colors of metal, and gemstones within your initial visit.

Once you have approved and identified your personalized creation, we invest in a model that you will be able to physically hold and try on so that you may see the proportions, dimensions, height, width, size, texture, and ultimately build more excitement of what is yet to come.

Once we have approved the final design as a team of talented craftsmen, we cast in your preferred metal, set stones, implement hand engraving/details, polish, and thoroughly clean to immaculate perfection.

Finally, the email and phone call from our team sharing the excitement that we are ready to reveal the final product made just for you.

The WOW moment that leaves you at Awe is the satisfaction Market Street Diamonds receives for being part of this special journey with you and is why we exist and why we have a purpose in this business. We welcome you to visit and share with us your thoughts so we can together find the personalized solution she will adorn for life.

Established in 1906, Market Street Diamonds has provided a wide range of jewelry services to our customers. Our devotion to perfection is further strengthened with state of the art technology. We welcome you to our family and receive the experience you deserve.

Fine jewelry, timepieces, bridal including
Dino Lonzano's signature engagement rings.

Jewelry repairs & hand engravings
performed by master jewelers.

Diamond cutting services
including polishing, cutting, & recutting
performed by Belgian cutters.

Gemstone cutting & re-cutting.

Gemstone Services
including scanning gemstones
(3D Imaging) for exact proportions,
rough analysis for recutting/polishing,
Laser inscriptions along the girdle
of customized logos or engraving,
high-resolution photography
and video of your jewelry & timepieces.

Green Initiative Smart program for re-purposing
personal estate & jewelry sales.

Expert Appraisals performed
by GIA certified gemologists.

Previously enjoyed timepieces
& Dino Lonzano watch-line.

"Your concept, our Expertise,
Together We Crate!"

Mater jeweller at workA jewelry services at Market Street DiamondsA jewelry designer at workEngagement ring wax models on 3d printer

For over a century, Market Street Diamonds has built its reputation based on a tradition of distinctive, devoted excellence and service. Founded by a sixth-generation Belgium diamond cutter, Market Street Diamonds opened its doors to provide exquisite, never-before-seen diamond cuts to a growing New York City elite. Over one hundred years later, we proudly continue the diamond renaissance, delighting in quality, craftsmanship and imagination.

Dino Difference

Dino Difference

We are the first in the industry to promote ethical sourcing

Fifth C is for Conflict Free

Conflict Free Diamonds

We are the first in the industry to promote ethical sourcing

Echo friendly enterprise

Eco-Conscious Enterprise

We care for the planet we live, & committed to find greener ways to create value

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