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US & Canada Ring Size Guide

Last updated May 6, 2023, 06:15 PM

This guide uses US and Canada ring sizing standards. Please download the document by clicking the “Download Ring Size Guide” button at the bottom of this page. The file format of the Rings Size Guide is PDF.

Side view of the ring

To use the Ring Size Guide, you have to print the document with the page scale set to 100% in your printer. This guide will NOT give you accurate results if anything other than 100% used for page scaling.

To ensure your printed Ring Size Guide is at the correct scale, please measure the 2-inch/50mm bar shown in the document with a ruler, as shown in Figure 01. If the length of the bar is 2 inches / 50 mm, your print is in the correct scale.

This is only a reference tool; for the most accurate results, we recommend you use a physical ring sizing tool, which is best done in our store. If you purchase the ring online, it is always best to confirm your size using this document or with a local jeweler before your order. Also, there are ring size measure gauges that you can order online at very reasonable prices.

Please note that specific types of rings, such as eternity bands and bands made with alternative materials such as Tungsten, Tantalum, etc., cannot be resized.

Side view of the ring

How to use this guide

Place one of your rings that can be worn comfortably (but still has slight resistance) on the circles shown in your Ring Size Guide document.

Find the circle that matches closest to the inside edge of your ring. If your size falls between two circles, choose the larger size. The measurement shown below each circle is the inside diameter of your ring.

If you need further assistance with your ring purchase with Market Street Diamonds, please make an appointment online or by calling 202.552.5744 during regular business hours.