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Lab-created Diamonds

A Smarter & Eco-Friendly Choice

MSD Lab-created Diamonds MSD Lab-created Diamonds

Lab-Created Diamonds

Whether forming in a freezer or in frigid conditions outdoors, ice will be exactly the same. Similarly, lab-grown diamonds are identical to mined diamonds in their chemical, physical and optical properties. However, lab-created diamonds leave very little environmental footprint compared to mined diamonds and little to no social impact, making them a popular choice for environmentally and socially conscious couples.

At Market Street Diamonds, we offer you both mined diamonds and lab-grown diamonds of the highest quality. Meet with our dedicated lab-grown diamond specialists to make a well-informed decision.

"This origin story is the main factor that sets synthetic diamonds apart from natural ones, since synthetic diamonds have essentially all of the same chemical, optical and physical properties and crystal structure as natural diamonds…"-GIA

lab-grown diamond comparison
Like the freezer-made ice shown on the left is still made of water frozen into a solid state, just like nature-made ice shown on the right, lab-created diamonds are identical to mined diamonds.

"Lab-grwon diamonds are identical to mined diamonds in chemical and optical properties. But they come with few extra things…"

Conflict Free

Identical to Mined Diamonds

Eco Friendly

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Why buy Lab-grown diamonds from Market Street Diamonds?

Market Street Diamonds, leader and first to offer the finest lab "as grown" Diamonds to the metropolitan DC consumer since Spring of 2016. Our first to market approach provides quality and prices to you which can not be challenged by any other jeweler in-store or online. We guarantee value for value, quality for quality, our pricing can not be beat.

A handpicked "as grown" diamond inventory.

Best value for your budget.

Free engagement ring consultation.

We welcome you to make an informed decision with us!

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For over a century, Market Street Diamonds has built its reputation based on a tradition of distinctive, devoted excellence and service. Founded by a sixth-generation Belgium diamond cutter, Market Street Diamonds opened its doors to provide exquisite, never-before-seen diamond cuts to a growing New York City elite. Over one hundred years later, we proudly continue the diamond renaissance, delighting in quality, craftsmanship and imagination.

Dino Difference

Dino Difference

We are the first in the industry to promote ethical sourcing

Fifth C is for Conflict Free

Conflict Free Diamonds

We are the first in the industry to promote ethical sourcing

Echo friendly enterprise

Eco-Conscious Enterprise

We care for the planet we live, & committed to find greener ways to create value

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