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Jewelry Insurance

Enjoy peace of mind for every piece

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Market Street Diamonds partners with Jewelers Mutual, the national leader in jewelry insurance, to protect your valuable jewelry against loss, theft, damage, and even disappearance.

Jewelers Mutual is the top expert specializing in jewelry and has been for over 100 years. Market Street Diamonds recommends Jewelers Mutual as our preferred insurer because your jewelry deserves protection from the best.

What is covered 

Receive repair or replacement coverage for all types of jewelry, even loose stones, while being set.

❁ Rings❁ Necklace

❁ Earrings❁ Watches

❁ Bracelets❁ Charms

What makes Jewelers Mutual different?

If something happens to your jewelry, Jewelers Mutual will work with us to repair and replace your piece with the same kind and quality- as it was before.

The coverage goes beyond typical homeowners insurance and includes worldwide travel.

Wear your jewelry without worry, knowing it is protected from:

✓ Loss✓ Theft

✓ Damage ✓ Disappearance

Check your rate

Rates are based on several factors, including where you live. For most people, jewelry insurance costs 1-2% of the value of their jewelry. Estimate your rate in less than one minute.

1.Just state what you need to insure,
2.How much it worth,
3. And your zip code.

 No personal information is needed to get a quote.

Did you know? Insuring your jewelry with a standalone policy protects your home insurance from the effects of a jewelry claim.

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