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We Buy Gold

Best Value for Your Gold

Market Street Diamonds Gold Recycling
Market Street Diamonds Gold Buying Service

We buy your gold at the highest market price. You get the best value for your gold while we get raw material for our product. Here is why you should consider selling your unwanted gold to Market Street Diamonds.

Today Gold is indeed the easiest commodity to liquidate, but one of the most challenging things to sell in a secondary market. Our Green Buying Initiative is a mutual value creation process designed to make gold buying smooth and transparent, promote gold recycling and reduce the negative social/environmental impact associated with mining.

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Market Street Diamonds Gold Buying Initiative


best value for gold

Do you know the best value for your gold only comes from a trusted local jeweler? The reason is simple: there is no middleman; we are the direct consumer. We buy your gold primarily as a raw material and are willing to pay the best rate.


best value for gold

Who is better qualified to determine the value of your jewelry than a trustworthy jeweler? Whether you accept our offer or not, you will get a candid professional opinion from our top-notch jewelry appraisers free of charge


best value for gold

If you accept our offer, you will get cash instantly in-store, or we will mail you a check within 48 hours.


best value for gold

We are jewelry designers, not pawnbrokers. We know your jewelry piece may be worth more than the gold it is created with. You are able to turn your old jewelry into a new custom piece with us.


Collect your items

We buy any piece of jewelry made of precious metals including:

All purities of gold (10k, 14k, 18k, 22k, 24k) or Platinum
Estate jewelry
Damaged Jewelry
Diamond & Gemstone Jewelry
Gold Coins
Vintage Jewelry
Designer Jewelry


Send them / Bring them

Take detailed photos of your item(s) (gold, jewelry, etc.) to keep for your records.

Fill out the packing list, then place it along with your item(s) (gold, jewelry, etc.) into a box to prepare to ship.

Seal, and clearly secure the shipping label to the box, send via USPS. Tracking info will be provided with the label.


Get your offer

When the items arrive into our facility, we will contact you with our proposed offer.

If you accept our offer, you will direct us in which payment method best works for you (mailed check, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle).


Receive your money

We will pay you via your preferred payment method. Mailed checks will take 2 - 3 business days to receive.*

If you refuse our offer we will return your item(s) in full, via USPS.

Go Green Value

Market Street Diamonds (since 1906) has enjoyed the unequivocal trust of many generations of clients for well over a century. Our “Green Buying Initiative” aims to promote a sustainable process for our trade with a strong focus on environmental protection.

The fact is that gold and diamond mining is harmful to the environment and local communities. We buy both diamonds and gold from you, the consumer, so our jewelry manufacturing process leaves the smallest possible footprint.

We Buy Your Gold
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Dino Difference

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We are the first in the industry to promote ethical sourcing

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We care for the planet we live, & committed to find greener ways to create value