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Over 50 years of watchmaking Over 50 years of watchmaking experience. The Watch Division of Market Street Diamonds is the most qualified, convenient, affordable and reliable source in the Mid-Atlantic Region for repairs, testing and warranty service for your fine Swiss timepiece..

We are more than pro watchmakers. We developed our own line of luxury military watches - lonzanowatch that we are very proud of. The watch line has been available for the enthusiasts since 2012.

For over a century, Market Street Diamonds has built its reputation based on a tradition of distinctive, devoted excellence and service. Founded by a sixth-generation Belgium diamond cutter, Market Street Diamonds opened its doors to provide exquisite, never-before-seen diamond cuts to a growing New York City elite. Over one hundred years later, we proudly continue the diamond renaissance, delighting in quality, craftsmanship and imagination.

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Audemars Piguet certified ambassador
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Watch Battery Replacement

Quick replacement of batteries of all watch brands.

Watch Cleaning

Removing dirt, dust, and debris from the watch's exterior and movement.

Watch Overhaul

Disassembling the entire movement, cleaning, lubricating, and reassembling for optimal performance.

Watch Crystal Replacement

Replacing scratched or damaged watch crystals with new ones.

Watch Strap/Bracelet Replacement

Changing worn-out or damaged straps or bracelets.

Watch Polishing

Restoring the exterior finish to remove scratches and restore luster.

Watch Water Resistance Testing

Ensuring the watch's resistance to water as per its specifications.

Watch Movement Repair

Fixing issues with the internal components and movement of the watch.

Watch Dial Refinishing:

Restoring or refinishing the watch dial for a fresh appearance.

Watch Crown and Stem Repair

Repair or replace the crown and stem for proper winding and time setting.

Watch Hands Replacement

Replacing damaged or broken watch hands.

Watch Calibration

Adjusting the accuracy of the timekeeping mechanism.

Watch Engraving:

Adding personal or decorative engravings to the watch case or back.

Watch Restoration

Restoring vintage or antique watches to their original condition.

Watch Pressure Testing

Checking the watch's ability to withstand pressure for diving watches.

Watch Appraisal:

Assessing the value of a watch for insurance or resale purposes.

Luxury Watch Sourcing

Your Impeccable Taste, Our Expertise. We will find your dream watch at an unbeatable price.

"Your concept, our Expertise,
Together We Create!"

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