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How to Create your Custom Designed Engagement Ring

Rayna LonzanoLast updated January 25, 2024, 11:26 AM
Pear-shaped blue diamond ring
A Dino Lonzano diamond halo ring, custom designed with 1.29 natural fancy yellow diamond set in a three-talon prong crown & is surrounded by a pear-shaped diamond halo.

There is no better way to celebrate all that is unique about your relationship, than by creating your very own custom designed engagement ring.

But where to begin?

At Market Street Diamonds, we begin by getting to know you — getting to know both of you.

What’s their style? What is their profession? Has she (or he) given you any ideas of what they’d like? Perhaps they’ve provided images of their dream ring. Or perhaps not.

Whether that special person is part of the design process or not is entirely up to you. No matter your starting point, we can guide you step by step. Based on the factors that are most important to you, we can browse through designs & suggest options that fit within your parameters & your budget.

Once you’ve chosen the design elements that you prefer & the diamond(s) or gemstone(s) you’d like, we can put those components together for you into a drawing and/or CAD (Computer Aided Design) rendering.

View your design in 2D

Side view of the ring
Side view
Through finger view ring
Through finger view of the ring
Perspective view of the ring
Perspective view
Top view of the  ring
Top view

View your design in 3D

When your CAD design is ready, we will send you a file that you can view the design in 3D. Also, you can visualize your design in different metals and gemstones.

This gives you a visual aid to see just how all the elements come together, while also allowing you to make any small changes before the final piece is created.

Often, a wax model might be created, so you can even hold a 3-dimensional model of the final ring.

Animated 3D model of the engagement ring design

Feel your design before production

A wax model is a physical representation of a jewelry design created using wax in jewelry making. With the advent of 3D printing technology, jewelry designers can now create highly detailed and complex designs on a computer, which can then be printed out as a physical wax model using a specialized 3D printer. You can feel your design with intricate details and even with your chosen center stone. At Market Street Diamonds, we always use the latest state-of-the-art printing technology to enhance our design excellence.

Wax model with gemstone temporary set

You can inspect the wax model of your engagement ring design before our jewelers commission it.

After you’ve approved the design, our master jewelers work their magic to make it a reality in the metal you choose. From casting to the final polishing, your ring is handcrafted in-house at our jewelry studio in Washington, DC.

Casting gold ring in fire
Rough cast of the ring with diamonds
Grinding and detailing of the ring
Setting of  the stone
Finished Engagement Ring with Diamond set
Diamond Ring and the proposal
Rayna Lonzano

Rayna Lonzano , has been a passionate jewelry consultant for 17 years. She has helped over 1500 couples to bring their dream bridal jewelry to reality. She has an accounting degree from the University of Maryland and an MBA from AVT Business School Denmark.