Vintage Diamonds

Lonzano Vintage Cut Diamond Halo Halo Engagement Ring with Rose Cut Diamond


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4.85 Carat Old Mine CutDiamond, H, VS2


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4.10 Carat Cushion BrilliantDiamond, H, SI2


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1.31 Carat Hexagonal Diamond, G, SI2


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1.80 Carat Radiant Diamond, Pink, SI1


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3.25 Carat Old Mine Cut Diamond, I, VVS2


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1.23 Carat Hexagonal Diamond, D, VVS2


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1.51 Carat Hexagonal Diamond, D, VS1


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2.64 Carat Old European Cut Diamond, I, SI1


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1.91 Carat Rose Cut Diamond, G, VS2


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1.60 Carat Cushion Brilliant Diamond, H, VS1


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2.50 Carat Old European Cut Diamond, G, SI1


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2.63 Carat Old European Cut Diamond, E, VS1


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2.32 Carat Rose CutDiamond, D, VS2


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3.01 Carat Rose CutDiamond, H, VS1


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3.06 Carat Old European CutDiamond, F, VVS2


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3.07 Carat Old European CutDiamond, M, VS1


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4.85 Carat Old European CutDiamond, J, SI2


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3.42 Carat Old European CutDiamond, H, SI1


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2.33 Carat Old Mine CutDiamond, I, SI2


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1.50 Carat Old Mine CutDiamond, D, VVS1


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3.37 Carat Rose CutDiamond, I, SI2


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